Economic efficiency
LOW COST OF A PRINT katusha can offer one of the cheapest prints on the market

High performance. katusha prints 2 times as fast as laser printers of the same price range: 1 page in less than a second!

Increased cartridge capacity. katusha is supplied with cartridges possessing a resource of up to 50,000 pages, and dyes are produced in Russia from domestic raw materials. These factors ensure a low cost of prints: the price of a print is close to the price of paper.

Minimal service costs. katusha printers will not require you to spend additional money on components. The design eliminates complexity, so the printer reliability is increased. The lifetime of the complex printing head, which the most important element, equals the device lifetime.

Energy saving. The absence of fuser, traditionally used in laser technology, allows katusha printers to consume 50 times less energy. In standby mode, they require no more than 5 watts and switch off automatically at a long standstill.

MINIMAL INDIRECT COSTS Pay only for what is really needed

The import substitution effect. For you «Made in Russia» means an impressive package of benefits: loyal prices for office equipment, independence from currency exchange rates, no overpayments for logistics costs. Buying a homemade printer katusha, you get a new generation office equipment at a reasonable price.

The flexibility of the offer. The presence of Russian assembly sites for office equipment allows us to offer you the opportunity to choose the most optimal MFP package that fully meets your needs. Why will you overpay for something you do not use?

Revolutionary service formats. katusha printers are manufactured and serviced in Russia. In this regard, you have completely new ways to optimize the budget. Printing outsourcing will allow you to deploy a park of rented office equipment katusha in one day without paying a penny. You pay only for prints. This is the best offer, taking into account that the cost of the sheet printed on katusha is one of the lowest on the market!

Possible forms of print outsorcing.
Form 1.0. is chosen by the most companies.