INDIVIDUAL DESIGN Now the design of office equipment is adjusted for you.

The incomparable quality of the katusha printer puts a high bar on appearance and design. The classic form of a printer is supplemented and developed by the best product designers in Russia: perfectly matched color solutions, smooth shapes that you want to touch – these and other elements of the future are available today.

In accordance with your wishes, personalization of the necessary elements is possible. It can be simply application of the company logo or the use of corporate colors in the case or visible details. The display can also be programmed in the color suitable for your office. We offer a look at office equipment as a logical continuation of the interior and style of your company. Give yourself the level of beauty you are used to in your life.

CUSTOM PROGRAMMING Choose what you really need.

Customizable interface. How can a work of a bank employee and an employee of an oil company work be made convenient with the same device? The interaction between the user and the katusha printer occurs with the help of a large touch screen. Depending on the purpose, you can configure the interface for any group of users: for office employees doing dozens of different tasks per day, or for visitors to a polyclinic who only need a few buttons. If desired, you can easily replicate the chosen interface to the entire fleet of devices.

Scalable software. Together with the license for the device, you receive software for collecting statistics and managing print policies. If desired, the in-built software of the katusha printer can be changed in accordance with the required set of functions. For example, to configure security policies and access for different users it will be enough to expand the license for the printer and download the distribution package with the settings directly to the device. In the same way, it is possible to include a group of printers in internal workflow systems. You will not need to buy third-party applications or develop your own software.


We offer something more than just a printer. There are just some examples katusha’S additional functions:

  • Trays with access by password;
  • Built-in reader of magnetic and contactless cards of employees;
  • Self-destructive dyes for important documents;
  • A dye with quantum labels;
  • Preparation for work in conditions of shaking, temperature drop, high humidity.

katusha opens up the development potential for the emergence of a number of specialized printing devices based on PHC printing technology. Tell us what kind of printer you need; perhaps we have already invented it!