SIMPLICITY OF USE Enjoy a new level of work with office equipment

Multitasking. katusha can simultaneously perform several tasks –printing, copying, scanning and sending faxes. Such multitasking will undoubtedly be in demand in conditions of a large active office and guarantees comfortable work for employees with different types of employment.

Continuous printing process. katusha eliminates downtime due to sudden running out of dyes. The printer uses a unique system of dual cartridges: after emptying the main dye unit, a spare unit starts working automatically. In addition, the «hot» replacement of one of the cartridges is possible directly during printing, the dyes are then fed from the second cartridge. The user thus has enough time to replace the main cartridge.

Clever construct. The MFD provides a set of trays, which allows the user to save labor in difficult printing. The first tray is used for printing on standard office paper A4 with a density of 80 g /m2. The optional tray serves to increase the stock of paper by another 600 sheets and thus ensures continuous printing. The third, multifunctional tray is designed for feeding non-standard density paper of any sizes: photo paper, stickers, postcards, envelopes, payment orders. Due to this set, the user can combine several types of paper and sizes in one printed job, for example, printing out an agreement with a color cover page, black and white text on plain paper and an euroformat envelope for one cycle.


User-friendly and customizable interface.

katusha allows you to customize the control panel for your individual needs, depending on the tasks and the competency level of your users.

A display can show a single button «Print» or a combination of buttons for different tasks.

ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS katusha will bring you closer to the standards of the «green office».

Be sure – the staff involved in printing large volumes of documents will feel relieved when you install katusha printer in your office. They complain of fatigue, redness of the eyes and headaches at the end of the day more often than others. These symptoms are well known effects of laser printers. The laser printing technology includes several processes: laser image formation on a photosensitive drum and baking of toner on a sheet. These processes can release ozone, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, acetone, and paper dust into the air. Influencing the human body through the respiratory tract, they irritate the mucous membranes, cause sneezing, cough, lead to increased fatigue. The technology of full-page high-energy capillary printing (PHC printing) is completely devoid of these drawbacks, since here the coloring particles penetrate into the thickness of the sheet. There are no heating elements in the katusha printer, and the dyes used are environmentally friendly and safe for health.

EASY TO MAINTAIN No need to wait a service man

Servicing easiness of the katusha printer is dictated by the simplicity of the device itself. All you need to do is replace the cartridge in time. This operation is simple, since in the katusha printer the container with consumables is separated from the print head unit. This simplifies maintenance on the one hand, and on the other one, allows you to place cartridges of much higher capacity into the compartment. The katusha printer provides supplies with a capacity from, 3000 to 50,000 pages. Thus, even with an intensive workflow of 4,000 pages per month, you only need to change the cartridge once a year.

The only service operation for the katusha printer is the cartridge replacement.