Meeting with the president of the ruie alexander shokhin at the exhibition «import-subsumption-2017»

September 12, 2017 The President and the Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin and Sergei Mytenkov visited the exhibition «Import substitution-2017».

They examined the exposition dedicated to the first Russian printer «katusha» and a software package for secure printing and monitoring.


During the conversation with the President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Director for Business Development of the «IT Systems» Group of companies, Vladislav Siver, noted that the brainchild of the company is an example of the successful implementation of Russia’s scientific, technical and manufacturing potential in the field of electronics and information technologies. «katusha» is the first domestic printer with the unique technology of Full-page High-Energy Capillary Printing (PHC). The fixed printing head provides ultra-high printing speed with low noise levels.

Vladislav Siver emphasized that the use of homemade technologies and materials in production makes it possible to refuse from purchasing imported printing equipment and allows enterprises to form the forecasted IT budgets in Russian rubles.


The forum and exhibition «Import substitution-2017» are held on September 12-14. The event is implemented on behalf of the Government of Russia with the support and assistance of federal executive bodies, government organizations. Within the framework of the forum, more than 30 thematic sessions are planned, which are devoted to the implementation of import substitution programs in manufacturing industries: agriculture and agro-industrial complex, transport, energy, construction, high technologies, medicine and pharmaceutics.

During the first day of the forum, two strategic sessions were held on key regional industrial policy instruments implemented by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and regional authorities in the framework of import substitution: special economic zones and territories for advanced development, as well as industrial clusters and technoparks.